Sandy Lake

Draft Bylaws 2019

Open Government

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Bylaws 2019

July 27th 2019 - Open House @ 9 am @ Sandy Hall 63 Lakeshore Drive

(new drafts under review: first reading)

  1. Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw 04-2019 (Option 1)
  2. Pet Ownership Bylaw 04-2019 (Option 2)
  3. Household Waste Bylaw 05-2019 (Option 1)
  4. Garbage, Organics & Recycling Bylaw 05-2019 (Option 2)

Policies 2019

July 27th 2019 - Open House @ 9 am @ Sandy Hall 63 Lakeshore Drive

(new drafts under review)

  1. Roadway Snow and Ice Control Policy 02-2019
  2. Landscaping & Roadside Mowing Policy 03-2019

Under Review for comment prior to Regular Council July 27 @ 10.45 am Sandy Community Hall 63 Lakeshore Dr. or at the OPEN HOUSE July 27 @ 9am.

  • The following Bylaws are under review which must include a first reading and will possibly be discussed after first reading during July 27 2019 Regular Council meetings @ 10 am. 
  • Under review or draft does not mean adoption or all 3 readings at once.
  • If you have any comments please email or Once and Only when on the Agenda for a specific meeting please discuss with Council in open meeting as per guidelines of Procedure Bylaw & Public Participation Policy.  Phone 780.967.2873 and leave your comments or write to Village office RR1 Site 1 Comp 63 Onoway AB T0E 1V0.
  • Delegations require 14 day written request prior to Council meeting as per Procedure Bylaw - the item to be discussed should be on the Agenda.
  • Only Regular Council meetings and Open House(s) will be posted on the Village sign, the rest will be on website.
  • If you have questions phone 780.967.2873 and information will be provided - leave a message.  The plastic mail box at Village mailbox will provide flyer updates if key issues and events take place (take one copy only) alternatively phone or email your questions.
  • All meetings and open houses takes place at the Sandy Community Hall on Highway 642.
  • Specific Meeting dates and Second Open house has yet to be determined and will be posted on the Village sign.
  • All other updates are here and on the website Calendar or phone 780.967.2873 for any updates.