Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw Enforcement

The Peace Officer is responsible for bylaw enforcement within the Summer Village - If you have a Bylaw issue please text 780.718.1894 (cell).

This is a weekday service and all requests must be logged with the Village Office FIRST.

Please text 780.718.1894 OR


General guidelines

  • Stray dogs - will be impounded;
  • Barking nuisance - collect a dog file (barking noise for 5-7 days) and submit;
  • Parking - warning/ticket/impound;
  • Dog bites - report to Alberta Health at the Hospital immediately - it's the law/impound/fine/court;
  • Keep your dogs on a leash at all times and scoop the poop please.
  • Trespassing/Harassment - RCMP Morinville;
  • Respect the SPEED LIMITS and no dirt bikes or OHV's on the lakeshore side.

Please be mindful and respectful towards your community, Council, employees, Neighbours and all Visitors as we ALL have a interest in the general social, economic and mental well-being of our community. BE KIND to one another, courteous and respect the general residential and recreational amenity of others and neighbouring properties.

Watch out and take care of: Property Taxes, Dogs, Speed Limits, ATV and off-road or trail use, lake and recreational use, Unsightly Yards, Road or access blockage.

We kindly thank you for your support and efforts.

Specifically regarding Dogs:

Enforcement Services works to provide a safe and pleasant community for our residents and their pets. Our department is here to educate our residents and enforce Bylaws regarding animals. 

Our PEACE Officer investigate complaints such as:

  • dogs at large
  • barking dogs
  • dog attacks/bites
  • dog licencing
  • animal health and wellness
  • animal units

Enforcement Services encourages Responsible Pet Ownership. The Responsible Pet Ownership Guide and Bylaw aims to answer any questions or concerns about animal care and control.

Sandy Beach provides a weekday non-emergency, phone service.

  1. Animal Pound Agreement 2020
  2. Animal Pound Agreement (All Residents)
  3. Urban Chicken Application
  4. Dog/Cat Animal License Application
  5. Dog barking file package

If you have an emergency (RCMP, FIRE, AMBULANCE) please phone 911.

Please remember that all emergency calls and accompanying responses like medical (heart attacks, cardiac arrest, allergy; ANY MEDICAL EMS 911 CALL) is likely to have a fire truck dispatched from Sturgeon County (this is now standard practice in the Province), which will be accompanied afterwards by a fire assist public service charge to the property once there was a emergency response to the property. 

Charges can range between $1000 and $3000 to a property.  Once the Summer Village receives the invoice we will pay it and then request payment from the property owner in return.  You will receive a letter within 30 days of the charge. 

Be aware that late property tax payments (April of the new year) will have this charge added as well as any late penalty charges. 

Please inform us of any address changes in correspondence or where your snowbird mailing address is if you intend on renting or decamping.  Advising your tenants is your, the property owner's responsibility.

Please make sure that you check with your insurance provider if they will or may cover such cost.  Be aware that EMS calls is highly likely to have a fire truck dispatched even if you did NOT request a fire truck and such response will have a accompanying fire cost or charge that is eventually added (April of the new or following year) to the roll.