Sandy Lake

Fires, Fire Advisories and Fire Bans


A Fire Advisory has been updated for the Summer Village of Sandy Beach effective May 08, 2019 at 12:00 Noon.

Please be advised as of 12:00 Noon May 08, 2019 a Fire Advisory is in effect until further notice.

As early Spring and Summer conditions persist, the Summer Village will authorize Fire Permits (when required - pile burns) providing adequate precipitation cover is on the ground.  Winds of over 15 kph is NOT conducive to recreational fires or pile burns and all fires must have sufficient fire suppression available and must be monitored, adequately covered with a grill and responsibly fed.  DO NOT leave your recreational fire unattended. Recreational fire's (no fire permit required) must be in a standard approved pit with the appropriate setback from any structure, at least 20 feet, and covered with a adequate spark grill. Do not leave your backyard fire unattended and stir, douse, stir, douse at the end of the night.

Currently issued Fire Permits for pile burning will be allowed with caution and continuous monitoring. Burn barrels, cooking or warming fires in approved back yard fire pits ONLY will be allowed subject to the conditions stated here (no permit is required).  A Fire Pit Spark Cover is a MUST - OPEN Fires except under permit conditional approval (like pile burns) is NOT allowed. Keep your Chimney closed with appropriate venting and spark arrester. 

Fireworks requires a separate FIRE PERMIT regardless - apply at the Village office prior to display although this practice is discouraged given current social perceptions.

Fire and fire works permit form

YOUR BACKYARD FIRE (no permit required) MUST BE DOUSED - Water, Stir, Water, Stir, Water - NO Exceptions.

The Summer Village of Sandy Beach follows the Provincial Guidelines for fire and burning.

Sturgeon County is our fire responder, so the Village follow this County's fire information.  Please familiarize yourself with its content here :

As we are geographically located within Lac Ste. Anne County we also pay close informal attention to their fire advisories: please familiarize yourself with its content on their website as a guide for regional recreational fire safety.

The Village can set its own fire restrictions as it pertains to its Bylaw 03-2013 - Open Burning Bylaw.

  1. Open Burning Bylaw 03-2013

In the event of a Fire Ban there will be a Fire Ban notice on the Village home page and Fire Ban signs will be posted on Village Sign on Highway 642 entering from the east (Morinville) - these signs will be immediately removed after the ban has been lifted.  When a fire ban is in effect and the signs posted - NO FIRES are allowed in the Village boundaries - period.

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Please note that any emergency response from our First Responder will result in a public service charge ($1,000 to $2,400 range) that will be paid by the municipality first and then charged back to the property - make sure you have appropriate insurance which covers these type of costs - the charge will be added to your property tax roll number if it remains unpaid after 30 business days.  Make sure any tenants or rentals are aware of this - the responsibility is on occupants, tenants and owners to make sure they monitor and douse all back yard fires (only pits please), comply with fire ban regulations and set backs, and execute responsible fire burn actions. 

NO FIRES are allowed outside the confines of your backyard fire pit, which must comply with the appropriate set backs (20 ft minimum) and dousing regulations.


Water, Stir, Water, Stir, Water - NO EXCEPTIONS.

May 08-2019 (12 noon) until further notice - a fire advisory is in effect for all of the Village.

ONLY fires in backyard pits and camping fire pits (build to specification) are allowed - NO other fires (like pile burns) or Fireworks or any OPEN FIRE is allowed.  You are only allowed to burn firewood - SMALL FIRES ONLY and NO OTHER materials. Fire Pits must have proper cover and spark screen/grill covering the fire pit as well as appropriate fire appliances.  If you are doing a pile burn or fireworks you require a fire permit.  Apply here: (

Responsible Burning - Conditions and materials - NO EXCEPTIONS