Emergency Management

Emergency Management







The muster points are at the Office/Shop 1208A Highway 642 and also at the West Cove Parking area just on the other (west) side of the bridge.  In an emergency, please gather there and let someone know that you are on your way there – the DEM or DDEM will be there to do roll call and then dispatch to safety east or west.  In case of fire, Fire Response will be on site regardless.  Make sure you always have an emergency contact on your list or in phonebook.  If you have a handicapped/low mobility person at home, please text the DDEM at 780.718.1894 to let them know so the Incident Commander can be informed so as to dispatch Fire or EMS or Employees to help with an evacuation or assistance in vacating a premises.  Always be alert of weather predictions and advisories and be sure to follow advice from the province.  Follow emergency crews advice on the day.


Built your Emergency Kit - Be PREPARED


Nov 16 -2023 (Emergency Management Update and Report)

  1. SVREMP Bylaw 258-17 (2022) Emergency Management
  2. SVREMP Emergency Management Partnership TOR
  3. SVREMP Mutual Aid Agreement Dec 2019

Emergency Management UPDATE April 14-2022

Emergency Management Act 2018

DEM - Emergency Management Contacts

Wildfire Mitigation Strategy SVSB 2015

Street Map & Emergency Response Locations

Sturgeon County Fire Services Agreement 2021

Emergency Operations Plan 2021

Regional Emergency Advisory Committee Bylaw 06-2019


Additional resources for those with medical conditions in an emergency.





Rudolf Liebenberg 780.718.1894 (cell) 

Director of Emergency Management

Brian Brady 587-862-0500

Deputy Director of Emergency Management

Rudolf Liebenberg 780.718.1894

The Village is currently seeking block captains to function as emergency volunteers to direct residents in the case of a fire or some other emergency event - contact the Village office if you are interested.

MUSTER points Sandy Beach

The locations are:

  1. NW corner of the parking lot (Shop);
  2. NE corner of the parking lot (Shop);
  3. Boat launch parking lot at intersection Highway 642 & Westcove Drive;
  4. Parking lot Day Park at intersection Highway 642 & Lakeshore Drive; 

For more information on emergency preparedness please visit www.redcross.ca

To purchase first aid kits or emergency preparedness items please visits www.shop.redcross.ca


Sturgeon County Fire Services Agreement

Please note that any emergency response from our First Responder will result in a public service charge ($1,000 to $2,400 range) that will be paid by the municipality first and then charged back to the property, once the site investigations are completed - make sure you have appropriate insurance which covers these type of costs - the charge will be added to your property taxes if it remains unpaid after 30 days. 

  1. Home Fires
  2. Structure Fires
  3. Internal Fires
  4. Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  5. Smoke Alarms (no fire detection)
  6. Other alarms that relate to property security (neighbours)

Make sure any tenants or rentals are aware of this - the responsibility is on occupants, tenants and owners to make sure they monitor and douse all back yard fires (only pits please), comply with fire ban regulations and set backs, and execute responsible fire burn actions.  Depending the level of response a fire truck can be dispatched if emergency services are dispatched so please advise your tenants accordingly.

NO FIRES are allowed outside the confines of your fire pit, which must comply with the appropriate set backs and dousing regulations.

Keep you yard fire resilient and trim your trees.


Water, Stir, Water, Stir, Water - NO EXCEPTIONS.




3 members Fire Smart Committee (Gordon Drybrough - elected official); Public Members Aubrey Loschuk and C. Hannah as of September 2020.