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Bylaws and Policies







  • Bylaw is a law passed by the council. Bylaws can be enforced by bylaw enforcement officers, police and peace officers in the municipality or any other designated officer as appointed by Council.
  • If residents, ratepayers, business owners and visitors in the municipality do not follow the rules and guidelines set out by a bylaw, they can be fined or given penalties, and they must be informed in writing by Council through Administration that they are in breach of the bylaw and a specific statute, section and part pertaining to the Bylaw in question. 
  • Policies are made by councils to set guidelines that the municipalities follow. These guidelines can describe how services (service levels/delivery) and programs will be provided by a municipality.
  • The Chief Administrative Officer and municipal employees are responsible for following these policies.
  • Decisions (socio-economic) that Councils and Councillors make are visible and implemented in the policies and bylaws of a municipality.

Open Government

Planning Document Summary

Bylaws 2020

  1. Financial Plan Bylaw 01-2020
  2. ICF Bylaw 02-2020 (LSAC)
  3. ICF Bylaw 03-2020 (Sunrise Beach)
  4. Property Tax Bylaw 04-2020
  5. Penalty on Unpaid Taxes Bylaw 05-2020
  6. TPP Bylaw 06-2020
  7. Bylaw Enforcement Officer Bylaw 07-2020

Policies 2020

  1. Emergency Operations Plan 2021 (in effect)
  2. Emergency Management Policy and Procedures Manual February 2020

Bylaws 2019

  1. ISDAB Bylaw 01-2019
  2. Property Tax Bylaw 02-2019
  3. Penalty Tax Bylaw 03-2019
  4. Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw 04-2019
  5. Garbage, Organics & Recycling Bylaw 05-2019
  6. Regional Emergency Advisory Committee Bylaw 06-2019

Policies 2019

  1. Health & Safety Policy 01-2019
  2. Roadway Snow and Ice Control Policy 02-2019
  3. Roadway and Municipal Land Maintenance Policy 03-2019

Bylaws 2018

  1. Councillor Code of Conduct Bylaw 01-2018
  2. Property Tax Bylaw 02-2018
  3. Penalty Unpaid Tax Bylaw 03-2018
  4. To amend Land Use Bylaw 02-2012 (Cannabis) - Bylaw 04-2018
  5. Records Retention Bylaw 05-2018

Policies 2018

  1. Public Participation Policy PPP001-18
  2. Policy I-001 Remuneration
  3. Policy II-001 Expenses
  4. Financial Reporting and Expenditure Policy Directive
  5. Human Resources Policy PPP003-18

Other Policies

  1. Advertising And Hiring Policy 2016
  2. Fire Ban Policy 2015
  3. Snow Plowing Policy 2012
  4. Tax Recovery Fees Policy 2012

Bylaws (other) in effect

  1. CAO Bylaw 01-2017
  2. Procedure Bylaw 04-2016 
  3. Traffic Bylaw 02-2013
  4. Open Burning Bylaw 03-2013
  5. Establishment Of ARB Bylaw 01-2010
  6. Off Highway Vehicle Bylaw 06-2009
  7. Nuisance Unsightly Bylaw 03-2009
  8. Land Use Control Bylaw 06-2008
  9. WILD Water Bylaw 03-2008
  10. Municipal Borrowing Bylaw 2005-02
  11. Subdivision Bylaw 2004-04
  12. Disposal Of Sewage Bylaw 98-03
  13. Noise Bylaw 202-1995
  14. Public Parks Use Bylaw 188-1993
  15. Jet Boats Bylaw 179-1992
  16. Private Sewage Bylaw 87-001
  17. Drainage Damage Bylaw 84-1971
  18. Firearms Discharge Bylaw 73-1970

Municipal Development Plan 2013

MDP (2013)

Land Use Bylaw 2012

Meeting Procedure and Guidelines 2017

Alberta Government

Municipal Affairs

Fire Agreement Sturgeon County 2015

Public Hearing October 25, 2018 @ 6pm Sandy Beach Hall Highway 642

All of the above have received First Reading on Sept 20 at 7 pm at Regular Council - Sandy Beach Community Hall

A Public Hearing is schedule for October 25 at 6 pm at the Hall for the Land Use Bylaw Amendments Cannabis - Bylaw 04-2018 - this whole bylaw will be added to the existing Land Use Bylaw 02-2012 - its a new bylaw.

A Public Participation Meeting will follow after the Public Hearing on Dog Bylaw 05-2018, CAO Bylaw 06-2018 and Roadside Mowing Policy PPP002-18.  The Dog Bylaw and CAO Bylaw has amendments that is marked in yellow - the existing Bylaws is available on this same page and still in effect.  The Roadside Mowing Policy is a new document and policy.

Other matters as part of Regular Council (which starts at 6 pm) will follow after the above matters has been concluded.

Documents can be requested from the office or inspected at office on Tuesday and Wednesdays 10 am to 3 pm between Sept 21 to deadline for comment Oct 23 4pm.

Good Practice

Dogs/Cats and all Animals


  • speed limits must be maintained
  • not in ditches
  • not on public property like day park or beaches
  • must where helmets
  • no alcohol
  • Be responsible and respectful please


  • no open fires - pits only and must have cover
  • no fireworks
  • adhere to Village postings
  • have water back up ready
  • call outs has a $1,220 charge - Sturgeon County is provider
  • do not leave fire unattended or overnight - WATER, STIR, WATER, STIR, WATER!
  • Be responsible and respectful please