Family and Community Support Services - FCSS





Correspondence 2020

  1. FCSS Letter
  2. FCSS Snow Angel Request
  3. COVID-19 East End Bus
  4. East End Bus Event Fall 2020
  5. Onoway Library Subsidy Sandy Beach

3 members FCSS (Chair - Jamie Krayle); Rainy Noyes (Public Member); (Gordon Drybrough - elected official)

  1. Summer Village of Sandy Beach FCSS Community & Youth Application form
  2. Summer Village of Sandy Beach Self Awareness Application form
  3. C&Y Survey (completion required during event)
  4. Self Awareness survey (completion required during event)

The application form must match your outcome - community and youth or self awareness - the surveys must be completed during the event and submitted to the Village office together with your financial statements and reporting. Cheques will only be made out to a registered organization and NOT individuals.

  1. FCSS program handbook
  2. Hall Contract
  3. FCSS Agreement
  4. FCSS Brochure
  5. East End Bus Society Schedule (current)