Animal Control

Animal Control

Dog Control in Sandy Beach is enforced under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw 04-2019

  1. Animal Pound Agreement 2020
  2. Animal Pound Agreement (All Residents)
  3. Urban Chicken Application
  4. Dog/Cat Animal License Application

The Bylaw Officer is responsible for bylaw enforcement within the Village - If you have a Dog Bylaw issue please call 780.967.2873 (office) or text 780.718.1894 (cell).

This is a weekday service and all requests must be logged with the Village Office FIRST. Also:


General guidelines

  • Stray dogs - impound;
  • Barking nuisance - collect a dog barking package (collect barking noise for 5-7 days) and submit;
  • Dog bites - report to Alberta Health at the Hospital immediately - it's the law/impound/fine/court;

Specifically regarding Dogs:

Bylaw Enforcement Services works to provide a safe and pleasant community for our residents and their pets. Our department is here to educate our residents and enforce Bylaws regarding animals. 

Our Bylaw Officer investigate complaints such as:

  • dogs at large
  • barking dogs
  • dog attacks/bites
  • dog licencing
  • animal health and wellness
  • animal units

Enforcement Services encourages responsible pet ownership. The Responsible Pet Ownership Guide aims to answer any questions or concerns about animal care and control.

Sandy Beach provides a weekday non-emergency, phone service.

  • All owners must clean up after their pets and if they fail to do so their stray pets will be reported.
  • The Village kindly request PLEASE be a responsible pet owner that has consideration for neighbours and all others that use public and private areas in the Village - scoop, muzzle, quiet hours, 3 dogs - we thank all pet owners for their cooperation.

Dogs LSAC 2019

Rodent or Pest Control



Feral Cats

  1. Half Way Home Rescue (have a trap/neuter/spay/release program).   They do have a website:    If you are interested in following up with this organization, you will need to contact them directly and fill out the online form.