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Tax Payments - Interac email monies to

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Leave your return email for a receipt or request one from 

Tree Work

Alberta Beach

Stray Dogs/Noise

Bylaw Enforcement 780.718.1894 (cell) text or call.

Unsafe Living Accommodations

Contact the Health Inspector in Onoway directly.


780.718.5479 (cell) text or call.

Building Permits

Contact Superior Safety Codes in Edmonton directly.


Contact the Morinville detachment: trespassing, speeding, breaking and entering, suspicious vehicles, threats and aggression.


Call 911 (EMS & FIRE)

Remember that call outs for fire (that can also accompany EMS if its a EMS call) will be charged and invoiced to the roll owner.  Make sure your tenants know.  Its part of the emergency agreement with Sturgeon County and is in place to maximize life preservation under any circumstances.  The Village pays the invoice and charge it back to your roll.  You will receive a letter of notification within 30 working days of the municipality receiving the invoice.  Please note that as of 2022 the Province has mandated that EMS calls for medical related incidents ALSO have a fire truck dispatched.  This is now standard operating procedure for almost ALL EMS (medical) calls.  So your 911 request for a ambulance (EMS) will almost certainly also have a fire truck dispatched.  The cost will be charged to your roll regardless of whether its a fire call or providing medical assistance.  Costs incurred in the current year will only be added in the new year so no penalties will be incurred for fire trucks attending to your property.  Please also check with your insurance provider as most will have such a charge covered and they can liaise with our office directly and pay the charge on your behalf. Questions email us.