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All Property Tax Roll Numbers

Tax notices were mailed out on May 14, 2020 (the current year).  FOR 2020 Payments for annual taxes must be received on or before the September 30th deadline to avoid any penalties on your roll number.  Any email or mailed payments must be postmarked by Canada Post on or before the September 30th, with the postmarked date clearly visible.

Penalties will be charged on outstanding current year taxes with a 2% monthly penalty, added the 1st of every month starting Oct, Nov, Dec, on the current years taxes;  a 3% annual penalty will be charged on January 1st of the new year for all outstanding balances which are not paid in full by December 31 of the current year (2020). 

For further information please contact the Village office at

Payments can be made by email (Preferred in 2020 and in future), cheque or cash (providing you comply with Alberta Health Regulations during COVID).

Please consider email payments (Interac) for annual taxes which is so convenient and easy and involves no paper or handling at all: email your annual payments to

Please do not mail cash, or do not drop off cash in the Village box, as this is not secure.

Tax payment & Receipts options: Please strongly consider Interact (email) payments starting May 2020 - a receipt will be returned almost immediately upon confirming the deposit - it is such a safe and secure option and environmentally friendly and so convenient - Please kindly consider this exciting option for tax payments.

  1. Interac (email) payments: email 
  2. Drop your cheque in the Village mailbox at the store (way on the left - the stainless steel mailbox);
  3. Mail your cheque to The Summer Village of Sandy Beach, RR1 Site 1, Comp 63 Onoway AB T0E 1V0; or
  4. Pay in office during office hours Mon to Thu 9 am to 3 pm;
  5. All Cheques should be made out to The Summer Village of Sandy Beach with the current day date please;

December 2020 update: Taxes 2020

  • All outstanding taxes not paid by September 30, 2020 are due December 31, 2020 - please note that a 3% penalty will be applied on January 1, 2021 on all outstanding taxes.
  • Send a email payment, cheque or drop your cheque (NO CASH) in the Village mailbox. 
  • Interac payments can also be made to this email address. PLEASE USE EMAIL FOR ALL TAX PAYMENTS
  • Please email for ANY and ALL questions/receipts/tax notices.

When making a payment by cheque be sure to include your roll number, name and property address.

Tax Payment Plan (TPP)

The S.V. of Sandy Beach Tax Payment Plan can help.  Using the TPP allows you to spread out your tax payments throughout the year.  Please read the instructions here for your monthly calculation if you are on the TPP or would like to sign on.  As of May 15, 2019 ONLY direct debit payments will be accepted: to sign on a signed and dated direct debit authorization form is required from your BANK.  Drop off the signed and dated form at the office or email it to us by January 15 of the NEW YEAR - no exceptions

To rough-shot your monthly TPP amount take your annual taxes of the previous year and divide it by 12.  Note that the amount can and likely will change depending on the value of your assessment, a possible increase in property taxes or a combination of both.  It can be somewhere between $5 to $50 monthly.

How it works

The TPP Plan runs from January to December each year.  Your first five monthly payments will be estimated based on your previous year's tax levy and is in effect a credit as your taxes is already paid off.

Residents receive their tax notice en of May.  As a TPP Plan participant, your monthly payments will then be revised for your June Payment, made on July 1st. 

Any adjustments required as a result of the annual levy will be spread over the last seven payments of the year and the revised payments continue until May of the following year - the credit.

VERY IMPORTANT: TPP - Only Direct Debit payments are now in effect and a direct debit authorization form signed and dated is required from your bank to enroll.

How to apply

Contact the Village office prior to January 15th (or June 15th, 2020 during COVID-19) of the new year WITH YOUR signed and dated direct debit authorization form from your bank to set up a existing and/or new TPP. 

You can join the TPP Plan if:

  • you have a cheque account;
  • your application is received before January 15th of the new tax year (pre-tax notice issue);
  • If you are not in ANY arrears of taxes;
  • If you have just purchased a property in the Village or are a new resident and prefer this option;

Changing bank accounts 

If you change your cheque account, please advise the Summer Village Office at 780.967.2873 at least 3 weeks prior to the next payment date, and make sure you provide a new DD form - email is best 

Do NOT CLOSE your account FIRST and then contact the office - Contact us first!

Withdrawing from the Plan

You may withdraw from the TPP Plan by giving written notice at least 3 WEEKS prior to the next payment date.

If payments are missed or NSF, the Summer Village WILL cancel the agreement immediately and charge bank or NSF costs to your roll number.

NOTE: if you withdraw from the plan, or your Plan is cancelled, all unpaid taxes become due and payable, and are subject to penalties.  It is your responsibility to check the payment deadlines here or at 

Moving, Selling or Buying New Property

  • Moving with Sandy Beach? The TPP Payments can be revised to correspond with the taxes on your new property.
  • Buying a new property in Sandy Beach? Arrangements can be made to allow you to join the TPP Plan during the year.
  • Selling your property? To ensure that the payments are discontinued at the proper time when your property is sold, please notify the Summer Village Office at at least 3 weeks  prior to the next payment date.

For more information

If you have any questions about the TPP Plan please email the Village at

(780) 967-2873 (office) Wednesday and Thursday 9 am to 3 pm.

Tax Recovery & Arrears

Please contact the Village office - 

Tax recovery in the Village is done by a tax specialist contractor - contact the Village office for any queries relating to such a matter or if you are subject to tax recovery proceedings.  The Village may enter into an agreement with a roll number to pay back old taxes.  This agreement is signed for 3 years and you can estimate your monthly payments by dividing the amount over a 3 year monthly payment as well as adding penalty costs.  Once the office is approached the contractor will provide an accurate monthly amount over 3 years.

Tax Recovery

Tax Bylaws

Check the Bylaw section on the website for all signed documents relating to taxes and tax penalties.