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Update February 2019

the discharge application has now been submitted to AEPCC for approval - the attached operational plan on page 20 shows the discharge plan - residents on Lakeshore Drive please note the exact distribution - All residents and visitors caution - if the discharge is approved this area is off limits regardless mode of movement.  

Vegetation has been unaffected by earlier discharges and gypsum will be added to reduce saline content.

Operational Plan Lagoon 2019

Update Nov 2018

Proposed Sampling Locations 2018 (Nov) - 2019 

AEP is requiring the Summer Village to complete the requested soil testing and reports to proceed with an discharge approval.

Joint Lagoon Committee



Lagoon 2018

Lagoon February 2018

All Residents please note that as of February 1 2018 due to the lagoon closure there will be a rate increase for wastewater disposal.  Please contact your service provider for more details.  

Lagoon January 2018

Lagoon December 2017

Lagoon November 2017

Lagoon Volumes 2016 & 2017

Lagoon Emergency Response Protocol 2018

Lagoon - Code of Practice