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Yellowhead Regional Library Update

February 16 2024

Sandy Beach has now joined the Yellowhead Regional Library System and residents in Sandy Beach can access services in Onoway, St. Albert and LSAC.  

Check out the attached POSTER for your options.

  • YRL have informed the libraries closest to you that SV of Sandy Beach residents are now to receive full library service with no restrictions (subject to their policies – some libraries do still charge for library cards, others do not).
  • YRL have informed St. Albert of the same.
  • Libraries have been informed that they MUST use SV of Sandy Beach for patron residence and not just Lac Ste. Anne County.


The library in St. Albert for example is not part of YRL and thus, the resident cannot go to St. Albert to pick up a card immediately.

Instead, they would have to go to one of the libraries on the brochure provided and get their card there as the libraries on the brochure are all members of YRL like Onoway Public Library.

However, once they have their card, they can then register to be a ME libraries patron using the barcode/pin and then ask to be registered at St. Albert Public Library.

Here is the link to do this.

Then get to go use the library card in St. Albert and present it at the check out desk and say they are a ME Libraries patron and has registered at St. Albert to sign out items.

YRL Presentation To Summer Villages Of Sandy View And Sunrise Beach October 2023

YRL Handout For The Summer Village Of Sandy Beach Fall 2023

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