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Fire RISK UPDATE: HIGH but NO Fire Ban In Effect as of May 29-2024

June 14 2024

This is currently (May 29-2024) no fire ban, restriction or advisory in EFFECT.

Monitor the Sturgeon County Website for any Updates.

Fire Risks remains high in rural areas of Northern Alberta regardless of the amount of rainfall received so take caution - fires in designated fire pits only, DO NOT leave your fire unattended and soak, stir and soak when done.





Due to dry conditions and a lack of precipitation, a fire advisory is now in effect for Sturgeon County.  Sandy Beach follows the County's fire status.

The following activities are allowed, with caution.

  • Yard and garden debris fires, burn barrels and incinerators
  • Recreational backyard firepits
  • Propane and natural gas-powered appliances
  • Charcoal barbeques

Residents should use caution when engaging in activities that could provide an unintended ignition source such as welding, grinding and ATV use.

Residents are encouraged to take action to prevent wildfires and prepare for wildfires.

This includes making simple choices when maintaining your property, landscaping your yard, or undertaking a renovation or construction project. 

View our tips to make your home FireSmart.

For updates, visit and

If you have questions, email Protective Services or call 780-939-8400.


The Summer Village of Sandy Beach politely request that as DRY Spring conditions persist THAT all fire and OHV users take extreme care and note the following:

The use of FIREWORKS is not advised or preferred - Open air fires should be done with extreme care and enough water support and should be low and slow fed.

Recreational cooking, warming, camp fires in acceptable fire pits are still allowed as per the current fire status, along with other wood fired outdoor warming devices, BBQ’s, and propane fired appliances, but please use extreme caution and care and use a spark screen and do not leave your fire unattended and water, stir and water your fire when you are done.

Thank you for your cooperation and please continue to monitor the Sturgeon County and Sandy Beach website for any fire updates in the Quick Links portion top right.

Stay safe.


Current Fire Level

Fire Advisory in effect.

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