Sandy Lake

Municipal Elections

2021 (August) will be an election year in the Summer Village of Sandy Beach, AB  


2017-2021 term

DRYBROUGH, GORDON - Mayor (2018-2021) 

Deputy Mayor (2017-2018)

HARNEY, MICHAEL - Deputy Mayor (2018-2021)

Mayor (2017-2018)

LAMBERT, DENISE - Councillor (2017-2021)


During the August/October (2020) annual organizational meeting there could be rotating changes.

Important Election Dates

Example from 2017 of how elections are run in the Summer Village: 

Nomination Day

Saturday, July 15, 2017 12:00 - 1:00

Advance Poll

Saturday, July 29, 2017

9:00 - 1:00

Election Day

Saturday, August 12, 2017

10:00 - 7:00

Please note that all Nomination Day, Advance Poll and Election will be held at the Sandy Beach Hall.

Voter Eligibility:

Section 47 of the provinces Local Authorities Election Act determines who is eligible to vote? A person is eligible to vote in a municipal election if the person: Is at least 18 years of age; Is a Canadian Citizen;  Has resided in Alberta for the 6 consecutive months preceding election day; The person’s place of residence is located in the area on Election Day.

In the case of a summer village, a person is eligible to vote in a municipal election if the person: The person is eligible to vote under section 47; Is at least 18 years of age; Is a Canadian Citizen; Has resided in Alberta for the 6 consecutive months preceding election day; Is named on a certificate of title as the person who owns property within the summer village; or Is the spouse or adult interdependent partner of a person who owns property with the summer village.

Identification Required:

On Advance Poll day or Election day you must bring one piece of identification issued by a Canadian Government (federal, provincial or local), or an agency of that government, that contains a photo of the elector and his/her name and current address. If you do not have this please contact the Village office for the Chief Electoral Officer approved identification List. 

 Local Authorities Election Act

Are you interested in running for Office?  If so please check out these links

Qualifications to Run for Office

Qualification requirements in a summer village.

In a summer village, you must meet the requirements for eligibility to vote in the election and also have been a resident of Alberta for the 12 consecutive months immediately preceding election day.

Ineligibility for Nomination:

You are not eligible to become a candidate under any of the following circumstances:  if you are the auditor of the municipality;  if your current property taxes are more than $50 in arrears;  if you are in default for any other debt to the municipality in excess of $500 for more than 90 days; or  if within the previous 10 years you have been convicted of an offense under the Local Authorities Election Act, or the Canada Elections Act. If you are a judge, Member of Parliament, Senator, or Member of the Legislative Assembly, you must resign that position before you take office as a member of council.

If a person failed to comply with the requirements in the LAEA as they relate to campaign finance and disclosure and the secretary (chief administrative officer) transmitted a report in respect to that person, and/or the Court did not dispense with, or extend the time for compliance with respect to campaign finance and disclosure, a person is deemed to be ineligible.

A person is deemed to be ineligible under these circumstances for either an 8 year period following the day that a report was transmitted by the secretary, or a 3 year period following the day the disclosure statement was filed with the municipality (which ever period expires first).

NOTE: If you are a municipal employee and you wish to run for municipal office, you must take a leave of absence as outlined in the LAEA. You may notify your employer on or after July 1 in the election year (on or after the day council passes a resolution setting Election Day in the case of a by-election) but before the last working day prior to Nomination Day.